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Sarsat Beacon Reader - Discontinued 2023

ELT reader function now incorporated in CCX T-RX

The Sarsat-MZ Beacon Reader* is a rugged and waterproof handheld device to read the transmitted code of a 406 Mhz Cospas-Sarsat beacon. The beacon can be Aviation (ELT), Marine (EPIRB), or Personal Locating Beacon (PLB). The beacon ID and all encoded data is displayed on the reader. The data is saved to a database, and is time-stamped. The beacon can be read over the air (in test mode or a shielded enclosure), or transmitting directly into the reader (for beacons with external antenna connections).

Since it is crucial for the beacon ID to be registered with the national authorities, the Sarsat Beacon Reader provides an easy and economical means to verify the ID after installation or reprogramming. A beacon must also be re-registered when aircraft or beacon ownership changes, so verification is desired. In addition, SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) Regulation IV/15.9 requires annual verification of the marine 406 Mhz Beacon ID.

sarsat reader           sarsat screenshot    sarsat screenshot

The Sarsat-MZ records all data in an internal database which can be backed up to a pc. The data can be viewed on the pc independently of the Sarsat-MZ.

The Sarsat-MZ can also print a record directly to a serial or Infrared (IRDA) enabled printer. Low cost infrared adapters are available to turn any printer with a parallel port interface into an infrared printer.

* Note: the Sarsat-MZ Beacon Reader is a module utilizing the Aceeca™ Meazura™ Palm Powered™ OEM Unit and it's MZIO Bus.