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Icao Calc History and older apps


ICAO Calc is now a server side app to remove the dependency on Java (more and more users are reporting issues with running the app due to locked down corporate security policies). Java Applet will still be available on this page. 4/1/2012

Applet and Palm app now adds leading zeros if needed to hex, octal, and binary addresses 1/27/2005. I've had several requests for this over the years, Thanks to Derik Reddout at Gulfstream for finally getting me to add it.

Fixed Canadian Registrations not recognizing "C-Gxxx" range, Web applet and Palm version 1/12/2005. Thanks to Jeff Schmidt at Bombardier for finding this.

Added Canadian Registrations to web applet and Palm version 1/9/2005.

Added Artex Nav Interface 11/6/02.

Bug fixed 10/30/2002! N numbers with 4 digits and one letter calculated wrong. Thanks to Tom Baird of Duncan Avionics/Long Island for finding this. Palm version did not have this problem, only the web page applet.

Bug fixed 1/30/2002! Strapping for RCZ-8XX was wrong. Also fixed in Palm version. Thanks to Wayne Sand of Duncan Avionics/Denver for finding this.

Here is a Java Applet to convert a US aircraft registration (N Number) or Canadian Registration (CF or CI numbers) to the corresponding ICAO address and strapping for various Mode S transponders, Satcom systems, and Artex Elt.

If the applet will not display (just a gray screen or it does not work) and you are using IE5/6, then the MS Java virtual machine installed is not compatible. Upgrade to the Sun Java plugin at www.java.com or follow this link to the old version (unfortunately without Canadian regs....).

Any strapping changes should always be verified with a Mode-S test set for transponder changes, or other methods for satcom, such as log-on verification or satcom diagnostics.

Here is the equivalent program for Palm Pilot version 2.5 IcaoCalc.prc